Innovation Pass Codes

Innovation passcodes can be purchased at online marketplaces for teachers. These are very handy in two ways:

Gives Access to a Task in Mr. Jones’ Virtual Classroom

You can give your students the passcode to use at This lets them complete the task without logging in or the teacher having to register.

To record the score or other results of the task, have the student take a screenshot, save the page, or let you see.

Import the Task into your own Innovation Virtual Classroom

Teachers can use the passcode to import the task into their own classroom. The advantage of this is that the questions are added to your categorized test question bank. Now you can re-use the questions to generate a number of different tests and activities. You can edit the questions and reorganize them.

Being a subscriber also lets you save student work and run analysis tools on it such as the grade-curving app. It lets you generate “Live Sessions” where you project questions on the board and students respond on their own devices.

So, yes, we are trying to encourage you to become an Innovation subscriber! We think you’ll love using this site as much as we do. I taught my courses exclusively out of this site for almost ten years.

Why not give it a try for free for 60 days?