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A Comprehensive Teaching Platform

At Innovation Assessments LLC, we understand the challenges that educators face in today’s ever-changing educational landscape. That’s why we’ve developed a robust online teaching platform that caters to the diverse needs of teachers and students alike. Whether you’re looking to streamline content creation, assess student learning, or facilitate remote teaching, our platform has you covered.

Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) online teaching platform offers a seamless experience for educators seeking to organize their online content and assess students’ learning. With utilities for teaching and assessing reading, writing, and content knowledge, Innovation is a versatile tool that caters to a wide range of instructional needs. Plus, integration with popular platforms like Google Classroom and Moodle makes it easy to incorporate Innovation into your existing teaching workflow.

Evolution in Action

But Innovation is more than just a testing service – it’s a dynamic platform that has evolved to meet the demands of real teachers and students in real classrooms. What started as a test generator for multiple-choice tests has grown into a comprehensive teaching platform that empowers educators to engage learners in new and exciting ways.

With features like Proctor AI and study apps, Innovation provides educators with valuable insights and tools to support student success. The platform’s collaborative approach, involving input from real teachers and students, ensures that it remains relevant and effective in today’s educational landscape.

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Teaching World Languages Remotely, Part 4: Developing Conversation

Upon retiring from full-time public school teaching in 2023, I took part-time working teaching French remotely. Teaching via video conferencing turns out to be a terrific method and a very satisfying work!

Being also a web developer for a platform designed for remote teaching and in-class 1:1 designs, I was inspired by this work to begin developing a set of applications specifically for teaching world languages remotely.

I always loved improv and when teaching social studies or French in my career, my students and I enjoyed role play as a learning tool that was fun and meaningful. My practice was to incorporate many exercises to develop conversational proficiency using improv or semi-improvised “scaffold” dialogues.

The improv app at Innovation is now well developed. This app is available to subscribers only right now from the Language Console of the dashboard.

The teacher shares the screen in a remote teaching situation (or in-person, displays the screen in class). The first thing is to select the proficiency level. I use the CEFR descriptors.

A notice appears in red in the center advising students not to use AI while participating. This was sometimes an issue for me with some remote students, who quickly consulted Google translate instead of improvising their own contributions to our conversation. Teachers can remove this notice by clicking in.

Once the difficulty level is chosen, the teacher can select from the available conversation themes. These correspond to typical topics taught in world language classes that employ thematic units as the method. The reader will notice in the graphic that a scorecard appears on the right. The scoring method is that used in speaking tasks on New York State world language assessments and instructions are available at the click of a button.

Once the teacher has selected the theme, a set of possible dialogues appears.

Upon selecting the prompt, the conversation can begin. As the dialogue proceeds, the teacher can track the attempts and utterances in the scorecard on the right. They can award 2 points for utterances which are comprehensible, appropriate, and make no surprising errors for level. the can award 1 point for utterances that are not quite right for that student’s expected proficiency. The app automatically calculates the grade.

Now what I like to do is to use the large textarea in the center to provide useful words or phrases that the student asked for or needed during the dialogue.

List the expressions with their meaning separated by an equal sign. Here’s why: the Innovation flashcards app has been integrated so that we can study the phrases! Scroll down just a wee bit and you will find a small button called “Cards”. This will extract those phrases and arrange them into flash cards for study!

My practice is then to give students a copy of that list via email or in their lesson notes. They can themselves use Innovation’s Quick Flashcards app to generate their own drills for later.

The development of the improv app at Innovation has been a particularly exciting work. By incorporating elements of improvisation and conversation scaffolding, I’ve aimed to make language learning both engaging and effective for students in remote teaching contexts as well as for in-person learning. The app’s integration with other features such as proficiency level selection, themed dialogues, and real-time scoring ensures a comprehensive learning experience.

Introducing a New App: Ordered Lists

After a long hiatus while teaching social studies, I began a return to teaching French in 2018. I am a bit of a digital pack rat and was glad to find most of the teaching resources for French that I had developed in the 1990s still on an old hard drive. One of these is a unit for teaching a graphic novel called Astérix chez les bretons.

I found in that trove of activities a reading comprehension task that I had forgotten about: the ordered list or chronology. After reading the text and doing the usual vocabulary and comprehension kinds of tasks, I presented students a set of sentences where the events were out of order. On the worksheet, they were to number them in correct order according to the text. This was a great way to reinforce not only the events in the story, but more importantly the vocabulary and reading skills I was working to support.

I am currently teaching French online and one of my classes has chosen this graphic novel for a unit of study. Since I am teaching remotely, I want digital 21st century learning spaces instead of PDF worksheets. And so out of necessity was born this new app at Innovation, the ordered list.

The ordered list is simple: students either drag and drop or use the buttons to arrange the text boxes in order. They can check their progress as they go and submit a score when done. I can see how this would have been very useful when I was teaching history!

This needed to be easy for the teacher to create. It’s a snap: the teacher merely pastes in the ordered list and clicks a button to generate the activity.

As added features, one can attach a PDF document, an audio file, and/or embed a video from YouTube or Vimeo. The student could be prompted to order the text boxes based on these sources.

The usual 21st century learning spaces features are integrated. Teachers will see in the audit when their students access the task and how long they spend on it. The proctor monitors access to the page and student attention. It’s easy to view the scores of grades are taken and to apply standardized scoring or any of the other Innovation features and functions.

Try it for yourself! Use this passcode to access a chronology task for the American Revolution at the Innovation TestDrive: 397Q-NMXL-A15625Z-9-JON

Unveiling Our Newest Offering: “The Development of Civilization” Online Unit Access

We are thrilled to introduce our latest addition to the digital classroom landscape: “The Development of Civilization” Online Unit Access for Global History I. As educators, we understand the importance of providing engaging and accessible resources to support student learning, especially in today’s ever-evolving educational landscape. With this in mind, we’ve curated a comprehensive unit that brings history to life in the virtual classroom.

Unit Overview:

This product offers passcodes granting access to a unit of our online Global History classroom, hosted at Students can utilize these passcodes to delve into a rich array of resources designed to deepen their understanding of global history and geography. From pre-tests to quizzes, videos to texts, our unit is meticulously crafted to engage students and foster meaningful learning experiences.

Key Features:

  • Auto-corrected tasks: All tasks, including short answer responses, are automatically corrected using our site’s advanced AI grading assistant. This ensures efficient assessment and feedback for both educators and students.
  • Multimedia resources: Dive into the Paleolithic era with engaging videos and explore the transition to the Neolithic age through captivating texts. Our multimedia approach caters to diverse learning styles, making history come alive for every student.
  • Seamless integration: Subscribers to can seamlessly import tasks into their course playlist and test question bank, enabling streamlined assessment and analysis of student work submissions and scores.
  • Vocabulary and content practice: Reinforce key concepts and vocabulary with flashcard apps and multiple-choice content rehearsal, providing students with valuable review opportunities.
  • Video Etudes: Our innovative “Etude” app presents media alongside questions, allowing students to interact with content in a dynamic and engaging manner. From video lessons to text-based readings, our Etudes offer a versatile approach to learning.

What’s Next?

But wait, there’s more! Stay tuned as we prepare to unveil a complete collection of like products in the coming three months. From primary source document tasks to PowerPoint packages and enduring issue essay prompts, we’re committed to providing educators with a comprehensive toolkit for enhancing their teaching and enriching student learning experiences.

As educators, we recognize the importance of adapting to the evolving needs of our students and leveraging technology to create dynamic and engaging learning environments. With “The Development of Civilization” Online Unit Access, we invite you to embark on a journey through history like never before. Join us as we revolutionize the virtual classroom and empower students to explore the depths of human civilization from the comfort of their own screens.

Together, let’s unlock the mysteries of the past and inspire a new generation of historians. Get ready to embark on an educational adventure unlike any other with “The Development of Civilization” Online Unit Access. Happy teaching!

Navigating Remote Teaching: A Symphony of Strategies

In today’s educational landscape, the orchestration of remote teaching requires a conductor who adeptly wields a diverse range of strategies. Just as a composer harmonizes various instruments to create a masterpiece, educators must blend innovative tools, best practices, and pedagogical theories to orchestrate effective remote learning experiences. Let’s explore how these elements come together to form a symphony of educational excellence.

Innovation’s “Etude” app stands as a virtuoso in the realm of remote education. With its versatility in delivering content, from PDFs to videos and sound files, Etude captivates students’ attention while providing educators with multiple avenues for assessment. The incorporation of AI grading assistants streamlines the evaluation process, affording teachers more time to fine-tune their instructional approaches. Priced at just $4 a month, Etude offers educators a bargain deal packed with invaluable features.

As we navigate the virtual classroom, it’s crucial to adhere to the best practices for remote teaching and learning. These guidelines serve as the sheet music, guiding educators through the complexities of online instruction. From ensuring equitable access to resources to fostering meaningful dialogue and clear objectives, each practice contributes to a harmonious learning environment. By scripting sessions, choosing assessments wisely, and embracing technology as a facilitator of human interaction, educators can create symphonic experiences that resonate with students.

Amidst debates surrounding instructional methodologies, one truth emerges: direct instruction and inquiry-based learning are not adversaries but harmonious partners. Like a well-composed symphony, these approaches complement each other, blending structured guidance with exploratory discovery. Teachers adeptly weave between direct instruction and inquiry-based learning, leveraging the strengths of each to cultivate deep learning experiences for their students.

In the symphony of education, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, educators must embrace the fluidity and complexity of teaching, adapting their strategies to meet the diverse needs of learners. Just as a conductor leads an orchestra through dynamic shifts and transitions, educators navigate the ebb and flow of remote teaching, creating a symphony of learning that resonates with each student.

As we continue to innovate and evolve in the realm of remote education, let us remember that the true melody of learning lies in the harmony of innovative tools, evidence-based practices, and pedagogical flexibility. Together, let us compose a future where every student has the opportunity to flourish and thrive in the virtual classroom.

New York State Regents US History 11 Civic Literacy Essay Week 10, No. 4

Looking for a comprehensive essay prompt modeled on the New York State Regents examinations? You’ve found it! This “Civic Literacy” essay, tailored for students who have completed 10 weeks of the eleventh grade Regents US History and Government course, is designed to assess critical thinking skills and historical knowledge aligned with New York State Social Studies Frameworks 11.1, 11.2, and 11.3.

Key Features:

  1. Student Version of the Essay Prompt: Delve into the complexities of antebellum America with this thought-provoking essay prompt, which offers FIVE possible issues for exploration. With options to choose from, students can tailor their essays to their interests and strengths.
  2. New York State Grading Rubric: Align your assessment with state standards using the provided NYS Regents US History and Government grading rubric, ensuring consistency and clarity in evaluation.
  3. Scoring Rubric: Enhance your grading process with a comprehensive scoring rubric that evaluates students’ responses on a scale of 100, providing detailed feedback and assessment criteria.
  4. Sample Student Essay: Model exemplary analytical writing for your students with a sample essay that demonstrates effective analysis of primary source documents, synthesis of information, and construction of a coherent argument.
  5. Passcodes to Video Lessons: Access online auto-corrected versions of lessons with embedded questions on the historical context needed to complete the essay. Whether you’re a subscriber to Innovation or not, these passcodes provide access to valuable resources to support student learning.

Prepare your students for success with this comprehensive essay prompt, meticulously crafted to align with New York State standards and foster critical thinking skills essential for academic excellence. Get your copy today and unlock the door to historical inquiry and analysis!

Regents US History 11 Civic Literacy Essay Week 10, No. 3 + video lesson access

Ignite Historical Inquiry: Engage Students with Essential Essay Prompts

Are you ready to immerse your students in the rich tapestry of American history? Dive into our latest product on Teachers Pay Teachers, featuring a compelling set of essay prompts designed to deepen students’ understanding of constitutional and civic issues. With a curated selection of six primary source documents spanning pivotal moments in American history, this resource is your key to unlocking meaningful historical inquiry in the classroom.

Resource available at our TeachersPayTeachers store

Explore Key Moments in American History:
Transport your students back in time with our carefully curated collection of primary source documents. From early colonial encounters to debates over federal authority and states’ rights, these documents offer a window into critical moments and enduring themes that have shaped the nation’s development. With engaging prompts tailored to each document, students will embark on a journey of discovery through the annals of American history.

Included Documents:

  1. Excerpt from A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land Of Virginia, 1590, by Thomas Hariot
  2. Excerpt from Eliza Lucas Letter to a Friend in London, 1740-1741
  3. Excerpt From Madison’s Notes on The Constitutional Convention
  4. Excerpt from Draft Report of the Northwest Ordinance, 1784
  5. Debate on Jackson’s Indian Policy, 1830
  6. Excerpt from the Virginia Resolution, 1798

Develop Critical Thinking Skills:
Empower your students to think critically and analytically with our thought-provoking essay prompts. By analyzing primary source documents and synthesizing information, students will sharpen their historical inquiry skills and deepen their understanding of key constitutional and civic issues. Whether they’re examining Thomas Hariot’s account of early colonial encounters or delving into James Madison’s notes on the Constitutional Convention, students will cultivate essential analytical skills that will serve them well beyond the classroom.

Flexible and Adaptable Resources:
Whether you’re teaching in-person or remotely, our essay prompt product offers versatile resources that can be seamlessly integrated into your curriculum. With printable worksheets and digital materials available for download, you’ll have the flexibility to tailor instruction to your students’ needs and learning environments. Whether you’re teaching a high school history class or a college-level seminar, these resources are adaptable to a wide range of grade levels and classroom settings.

Promote Active Learning and Engagement:
Inspire curiosity and foster active participation in historical inquiry with our engaging essay prompts. Encourage students to grapple with complex historical questions and engage in meaningful discussions that promote deeper understanding. By exploring primary sources firsthand, students will develop empathy for historical perspectives and gain insight into the complexities of American history. Spark lively debates, encourage collaborative inquiry, and empower students to become informed and engaged citizens.

Unlock the Power of Historical Inquiry:
Ready to elevate your history curriculum and ignite students’ curiosity? Purchase our essay prompt product today on Teachers Pay Teachers! With just a few clicks, you’ll gain access to a wealth of resources designed to promote historical inquiry and critical thinking skills in the classroom. Whether you’re a seasoned educator or a first-time teacher, our resources will help you inspire a lifelong love of learning and discovery in your students.

Empower Your Students with Historical Understanding:
Equip your students with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of American history and become informed citizens of the world. Our essay prompt product featuring six essential primary source documents is your gateway to fostering historical understanding and promoting critical thinking skills in the classroom. Don’t miss out on this invaluable resource – purchase today and unlock the power of historical inquiry in your classroom!

Introducing: French Music Appreciation Unit for French 3-up

On sale at our TeachersPayTeachers store.

Are you eager to infuse your French language classroom with the vibrant sounds and rhythms of Francophone music? Look no further! We’re thrilled to present our latest teacher resource, designed to ignite a passion for French culture through the exploration of music.

In this comprehensive unit, students embark on a captivating journey through the diverse landscape of Francophone music, from classical compositions to contemporary hits. Through a dynamic combination of listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities, students not only deepen their understanding of the French language but also gain valuable insights into the rich cultural heritage of French-speaking regions around the world.

Crafted with both print and remote learning in mind, our unit includes meticulously designed PowerPoint slideshows, vocabulary studies, selected reading and listening tasks, and composition assignments. Whether you’re teaching in a traditional classroom setting or engaging students remotely, our versatile resources cater to your instructional needs.

Key Features of the Unit:

  • Two PowerPoint slideshows covering a range of musical genres and artists
  • Vocabulary studies to aid student comprehension and engagement
  • Selected reading and listening tasks featuring classical composers like Berlioz, Saint-Saëns, and Debussy, as well as contemporary artists such as Piaf, Brel, Mazue, Moffatt, and GIMS
  • Composition assignments to foster creativity and critical thinking
  • Final unit test to assess student learning and comprehension

At Innovation, we believe in the power of cultural immersion to enhance language acquisition and foster a deeper appreciation for the French language. Join us as we embark on an unforgettable musical journey through the Francophone world. Access our unit plan and resources today and let the melodies of French music inspire your students to new heights of linguistic and cultural proficiency.

Dive into French Cinéma: An Engaging Culture Unit for French Learners

Are you ready to take your French language learning to the next level? Explore the captivating world of French cinema with our comprehensive culture unit designed for French 3 students and beyond. Whether you’re teaching in-person or remotely, this versatile unit is packed with engaging materials to spark students’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of French film history, from its early beginnings to the influential New Wave movement of the 1960s.

Our French Cinéma Unit takes students on a fascinating journey through the evolution of French film, providing rich insights into its cultural significance and artistic innovations. With a focus on culture and civilization, this unit is perfect for educators seeking to integrate authentic cultural content into their language curriculum.

French Cinéma Unit, French 3 and up, plus remote access

  • Comprehensive PowerPoint Presentations: Dive into French cinema history with our detailed PowerPoint presentations, covering everything from the early pioneers of French filmmaking to the revolutionary New Wave movement.
  • Engaging Readings with Questions: Explore key themes and developments in French cinema through a series of carefully curated readings, accompanied by thought-provoking questions and answer keys for easy assessment.
  • Visual Resources and Examples: Enhance students’ understanding of cinematic techniques and styles with visual resources, including examples of New Wave filming techniques and iconic scenes from classic French films.
  • Online Access to Vocabulary Studies and Etudes: Provide students with remote access to vocabulary studies and interactive activities through our virtual classroom platform at With auto-corrected questions embedded in the lessons, students can track their progress and engage with the material in a dynamic way.

Take Learning Beyond the Classroom:
Empower your students to become active participants in their language learning journey with our French Cinéma Unit. Whether in the classroom or online, this comprehensive resource offers a wealth of opportunities for students to explore, analyze, and appreciate French culture through the lens of cinema.

Get Started Today:
Ready to dive into the captivating world of French cinema? Visit our store on Teachers Pay Teachers to access our French Cinéma Unit and transform your language curriculum today! With engaging materials, comprehensive resources, and online access to vocabulary studies, this unit is sure to inspire and engage your students on their French language learning journey.

Unlock the magic of French cinema. Ignite your students’ passion for language and culture. Explore the French Cinéma Unit today!

Regents US History 11 Civic Literacy Essay Week 10, No. 2 + video lesson access

Are you looking for an innovative and engaging essay prompt to enrich your American history curriculum? Look no further! Our unique essay prompt invites students to delve into key moments and themes in U.S. history through the analysis of primary source documents. Designed for educators teaching U.S. history at grade 11, this prompt provides a stimulating opportunity for students to explore, analyze, and interpret primary sources while honing their historical inquiry and critical thinking skills.

Our essay prompt challenges students to explore the constitutional and civic issue of civil rights and racial equality in early American history. Through the analysis of four carefully selected primary source documents, students will:

  • Document 1: Excerpt from a contract recording the sale of land along the Hudson River from Mahican Indians to Kiliaen van Rensselaer, 1630.
  • Document 2: Image of Paul Revere’s drawing of the Boston Massacre.
  • Document 3: Excerpt from a confidential letter, Jefferson’s message to Congress on the Expedition West.
  • Document 4: Bartolomé de las Casas — Excerpts from The Very Brief Relation of the Devastation of the Indies.
  • Document 5: Jefferson’s “original Rough draught” of the Declaration of Independence, 1776.
  • Document 6: A traveler describes life along the Erie Canal, 1829.

Engage Students in Active Learning:
This essay prompt is designed to engage students in active learning experiences that foster historical inquiry, critical analysis, and historical literacy. By examining primary source documents, students will gain a deeper understanding of the complexities, contradictions, and enduring struggles that have shaped America’s constitutional and civic landscape.

  • Passcodes for Online Versions in my virtual classroom at Innovation Website
  • Give your students the passcodes to access online auto-corrected versions of the lessons in this unit. If you are a subscriber to Innovation, you can use the passcodes to import the activities into your own account and test banks. You can see and save student work that way. If not, just have your students send you a screenshot of their score on completing the task.
  • Contact with Native Americans pt. 1, [preview]
  • Contact with Native Americans pt. 2, [preview]
  • Contact with Native Americans pt. 3, [preview]
  • Contact with Native Americans pt. 4, [preview]
  • English Colonies, part 1, [preview]
  • English Colonies part 2, [preview]
  • English Colonies, part 3, [preview]
  • English Colonies part 4, [preview]
  • English Colonies, part 5, [preview]
  • New Amsterdam, [preview]
  • French and Indian War part 1, [preview]
  • French and Indian War part 2, [preview]
  • French and Indian War part 3, [preview]
  • 11.1 COLONIAL FOUNDATIONS quiz, [preview]

Enhance Classroom Instruction:
Integrate this essay prompt into your history curriculum to:

  • Stimulate student interest and curiosity in key moments and themes in American history.
  • Encourage students to analyze and interpret primary sources, strengthening their analytical and research skills.
  • Foster meaningful class discussions and debates on issues of civil rights, racial equality, and social justice.
  • Provide students with opportunities to develop their written communication skills through the composition of well-reasoned and evidence-based essays.

Unlock the Past with Teachers Pay Teachers:
Access our engaging essay prompt today on Teachers Pay Teachers. Whether you’re a history teacher seeking to inspire critical thinking and historical inquiry or a homeschooling parent looking for thought-provoking curriculum materials, our essay prompt offers a valuable tool for bringing American history to life in your classroom or homeschool environment.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to empower your students to become active participants in the study of history. Visit our store on Teachers Pay Teachers to download our essay prompt and ignite a passion for historical inquiry and critical thinking in your students today!