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  • Ventura Trivia Game: 157-4G8J-A159Z-TP4T
  • Multiple-Choice: A169Z-I3F9-ED9N-46
  • Video Lesson with Embedded Questions: KO54-DX8Y-A170Z-41
  • Reading with Embedded Questions: A171Z-INI1-WGE7-431

TestDrive Distance Learning Activity

Turing Test

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About TestDrive

TestDrive is a scaled-down version of a few Innovation Assessments. Available exclusively from our TeachersPayTeachers store, TestDrive lets your students access the remote learning task in my virtual classroom using a simple pass code that you buy and send them. No registration needed! Students complete the task and are presented with results to email their teacher. TestDrive lets you use my distance learning acivities for yourself.

TestDrive products have some limitations: Students cannot save their work after the session is over. No record is logged of their activity, score, focus, or time on task. Teachers cannot edit or re-use the questions. For these and dozens of other features for high quality remote learning, why not consider a free trial subscription?