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Innovative assessment featuring AI-assisted grading.

David Jones has been a public school teacher in New York State since 1991. He holds permanent teaching certifications for French 7-12, Social Studies 7-12, and Elementary (N-6). He taught French for thirteen years, then switched to teaching social studies in 2004. His teaching experience also includes other related subjects and computer courses elementary through college level. Since the early 1990s David has had an interest in computers and computer programming. He is a certified computer network technician (CompTIA Network+ Certified) and has taught high school and community college level computer courses.

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The collection of software on this site has been in development for almost twenty years. In the early years of the 21st century, the apps grew out of web sites Mr. Jones maintained for reviewing for the New York State Regents Examinations in French, Spanish, and German. Mr. Jones closed down that business in 2007 when what he was selling was appearing for free on the web. The apps then were developed at his own site for use with his students and starting in 2012 JonesHistory.net was opened up for others to use. In 2016, an even better version of the software was installed at this web site. The apps are coded in a combination of languages: PERL forms the backbone, while JavaScript and PHP control much of the front end user experience. Mr. Jones maintains the code on this web site himself, although his co-workers (for whom the service is free) assist with their suggestions.

InnovationAssessments.com is a suite of assessment applications for teachers and tutors.

Innovation Assessments, Queensbury, New York

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