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Cornell Note Taking App

Cornell Note Taking is a premier study method devised at Cornell University in the 1950s. The new Cornell Note Taking app at Innovation Assessments will enhance your students learning and streamline teacher grading. The AI coach can advise students on improving their notes. Students questions can be turned into flashcards for study.

Ventura Review Game

  • Categorized trivia game - perfect for class review sessions!
  • Use questions from your question bank or add new ones to save for later.
  • Questions can be multiple-choice or short answer.
  • Questions can include images or short sound clips.

Lesson Planning

  • Lesson plan book is posted right atop the course playlist.
  • Easily organize plans that are linked directly to assignments.
  • Students need not get lost any more in a sea of scrolling links.
  • Share your lesson plans easily with parents, substitutes, and supervisors.

Your Google Classroom™ Companion

Live Sessions to Engage Remote Learners

AI-Assisted Scoring

Tools for Online Testing

  • Extensive logging of student online activity.
  • Lock tests to single-use key codes
  • Schedule unlock of locked tests
  • Set test time limit.
  • Set extended time on tests for learners with testing modifications.
  • Activate security for AI test proctoring.
  • Authorize test proctors for remote learners.
  • Share your test banks with your colleagues.
  • Activate AI Tutor for interactive study guides.

Class Badges

  • Set auto-badge to reward students who score at certain levels.
  • Manage badge-reward exchange offers.
  • Use our badges or upload your own.
  • Reward students for achievements and merit.

Your Google Classroom™ Companion!

Innovation Assessments, Queensbury, New York

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