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Google Classroom™ Companion

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Solutions for Classrooms with 1:1 ChromeBooks or Remote Learning

Digital immigrants speak virtual with a heavy accent. Innovation Assessments helps teachers speak digital more like a native!

  • Test banks, generators, and security measures
  • AI-assisted scoring for short answer and summaries
  • Interactive Live Sessions
  • Effective multi-media integration

Built to meet the real needs of 21st century pedagogy!

Why Choose Innovation Assessments?

The 21st century student workspaces at Innovation Assessments were designed by teachers and students for middle and high school. It is an innovative learning management system that can also be your Google Classroom™ companion.

Test Question Banks

Question bank organizer for multiple-choice, matching, and short answer.

AI-Assisted Scoring

Train the AI to suggest scores for short answer tests, summaries, outlines, and portions of essays.

Live Sessions

Launch a live session to engage the whole class from their devices in multiple-choice, short answer, or slideshow projections.

FREE Utilities

Put some of our free utilities to use to save you time.

World Language Drill Page

Are you a language teacher? Random conversation prompts for speaking practice.

Standardized Scoring Calculator

Use z-score standardization to adjust a test's scores.

What Reading Level?

Check the readability of a text.