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Innovative assessment featuring AI-assisted grading.

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In light of the need for schools to consider distance learning in response to the Coronavirus situation, Innovation Assessments is offering its complete array of applications to support continued education in your community on a complimentary basis until 31 July 2020.

AI-Assisted Scoring of Short Writing Samples


AI-Assisted Scoring of a Short Answer Test


Stimulus-based Multiple-choice using Video


Stimulus-based Multiple-choice using English Language Arts Reading


Multiple-Choice Test


Class Discussion Forum


Scoring a Student Contribution to Class Discussion Forum


Scoring PDF Writing Submissions with AI-Assist


Scores Page


Test with Weighted Parts


Curve Scores using Z-Score


AI Evaluates Analytical Writing


AI Scores Summaries


Free Web Source Citation and Evaluation Tool


Free Grade Curving Tool


Archery Scoring App


AI Assisted Grading

"Proctor" is an artificially intelligent teaching assistant. Proctor can be trained to help you grade expository or informational student writing samples.

About AI-Assisted Grading

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K-12 schools are increasingly investing in 1:1 laptop programs for their students, the most popular being the ChromeBook by Google. This sturdy, lightweight device comes already connected to the Google suite of software applications for productivity that are becoming ubiquitous: Docs, Sheets, Forms, and etc. Google provides a basic content management system for teachers called Google Classroom where teachers can organize the materials they provide students online. At this writing, school district-wide adopted content management and online assessment systems such as found at the post-secondary level are not fully developed.

Another trend in education is online testing and progress monitoring. State tests are projected to come in online secure formats soon. Many textbook publishers provide online content now with purchase. Teachers must keep and analyze data for informing lesson design and computer software makes item analysis and statistical analysis more time-efficient.

A K-12 teacher who has a technology-integrated classroom uses a patchwork collection of apps and services, paid and free, to deliver her lessons. Finding apps that do “just the right thing” can be challenging and keeping it all organized is important.

Innovation Assessments is an online assessment service for K-12 school teachers that offers a blend of free and paid software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications at its website InnovationAssessments.com. The apps have been designed to meet the needs of teachers to organize their online content and to assess students’ learning. The apps are utilities for teaching and assessing reading, writing, and content knowledge. InnovationAssessments.com is easily integrated in the Google suite of apps.

Innovation Assessments is in compliance with New York State Education Law 2-D.

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InnovationAssessments.com is a suite of assessment applications for teachers and tutors.

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