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Innovation Assessments

Your Google Classroom™ Companion

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Your Google Classroom™ Companion

Live Sessions to Engage Remote Learners

AI-Assisted Scoring

Tools for Online Testing

  • Extensive logging of student online activity.
  • Lock tests to single-use key codes
  • Schedule unlock of locked tests
  • Set test time limit.
  • Set extended time on tests for learners with testing modifications.
  • Activate security for AI test proctoring.
  • Authorize test proctors for remote learners.
  • Share your test banks with your colleagues.
  • Activate AI Tutor for interactive study guides.

Class Badges

  • Set auto-badge to reward students who score at certain levels.
  • Manage badge-reward exchange offers.
  • Use our badges or upload your own.
  • Reward students for achievements and merit.

Your Google Classroom™ Companion!

Innovation Assessments, Queensbury, New York

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