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    These products require an account here at Innovation Assessments. Once purchased, you will be prompted to log in to your account. Please make an account first if you do not have one! The task is installed at the course of your choosing and you are ready to go! You will be provided with a quick link for students to access the task and a link you can send students if they do not have accounts yet. Once installed, you can create printable versions and edit the questions. You will get a direct link you can send to your students or paste into Google Classroom. For students who do not yet have accounts, you get a link you can email them that lets them set this up quickly.

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Easy set up!
  1. Purchase through PayPal
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  3. Select course for the activity
  4. Assign to students

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The Mauryan Empire
Video tutorial with embedded multiple-choice questions. Suitable for ages 11-up.
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Decolonization and Nationalism SBMC no. 2
New York State Global History Regents style stimulus-based multiple-choice questions. 19 questions - install the assessment and then re-use the questions from the test bank that also installs with the assessment. Questions address NYS Social Studies Frameworks 10.6.
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