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Proctor's Audit

Teachers may need someone else to proctor a locked assessment. A proctor will supervise a student taking an assessment outside of the teacher's supervision. This could be very useful in remote teaching situations where a parent or tutor may be authorized to supervise testing to ensure academic honesty. Authorized proctors will have credentials to acquire key codes for unlocking tests.

The teacher will provide a registration code to proctors so that they can register here.

Next, proctors use the registration code to set up their account at this site as an authorized proctor in your virtual classroom for the course you specified. Proctors must have a valid email address. Proctored assessments are tracked.

When a student sits for an online assessment that is locked, the student clicks the proctor button and the system will email and display a key code to the authorized proctor for that assessment. Proctors are authorized to supervise the student associated with the key.

Proctor authorizations expire automatically after ten months.

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