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Innovative assessment featuring AI-assisted grading.

I want to take a no-nonsense approach to pricing. Probably like you, I am annoyed by websites that hide their prices or that obfuscate their costs through schemes like advertising monthly prices but requiring payment by year. I have tried to keep my rates simple and transparent. It is free to set up an account and use the free apps to organize your test questions etc. You have complete access to everything for free during your first 30 days. Student work and performance data is only licensed for storage here for one year. Please download and save student work and student data that you need to save beyond one year.

  • Send school purchase orders or personal checks to: Innovation Assessments, 595 Luzerne Road, Queensbury, New York 12804.
  • Packages come standard with 150 student sub-accounts. Additional charge for more students is $5 per student per year. Please email to arrange this if you need it.
  • Licenses are limited to one teacher. Schools purchasing multiple licenses will enjoy a discount of 5% for five or more licenses.
  • A "year" is 365 days (not an academic year).
  • Send inquiries via email:  

One license is for one teacher. It is not allowed to share one account among more than one teacher.

Access to everything is now just $28 per year Free through 31 July 2020.

Attention school technology coordinators: This website is fully compliant with the new New York State law regarding privacy "Ed-2D" and with the Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act.

Objective Assessments Writing Assessments Reading Teacher Package

Test generators for matching and multiple-choice

  • FREE! Extensive question bank management system
  • Generate printable multiple-choice tests with keys
  • Generate stimulus-based multiple-choice tests using PDF, audio, or embedded video
  • Automation of charting of student progress on tests over time
  • Item analysis for each test showing class performance on each question aligned with curriculum standards
  • Email notification on scoring
  • Secure test (test shuts down if student browses elsewhere)
  • Attach an image file to a question (great for maps, charts, etc.)
  • Attach a sound file to a question (great for foreign language)
  • Award classroom merit badge at set score criteria
  • View and export statistics
  • Download question banks to backup or share with others
  • Progress monitoring (charts) system

Plus the data analysis apps!

Writing App System

Writing assessment and moderated discussion forum assessment.

NEW! Artifically intelligent grading assistant.

  • Train the AI for scoring expository / informational student compositions and short answer tests!
  • Generate online writing prompt, score using installed rubric, save the student scores in a database
  • Useful editing markers for recording common student writing error types
  • Download writing prompts bank to backup or share with others
  • Set "collaboration mode" to enable students to make editing suggestions on their partner's work
  • Item analysis for each task showing student and class performance on a writing prompt
  • Organize writing prompts questions in a sortable database by category
  • Set a writing task to revision mode so student can rewrite using editing markup
  • Attach an image to a writing prompts
  • Attach a pdf to writing prompts
  • Progress monitoring (charts) system
  • "Proctor" reports all student activity on writing task

Discussion Forum Assessment

  • Access scoring system to assess student participation using installed rubrics
  • Use discussion post rating system to identify logical fallacies and errors
  • Analyze student writing for features such as lexical richness (use of tier 3 vocabulary), etc.
  • Award automaticaly classroom merit badge at set score criteria
  • View and export statistics

Plus the data analysis apps!


  • Running record utility from recorded student reading -- automates error calculations and uses Clay's standard markup codes
  • Automation of charting of student reading progress over time
  • Specially designed running record charts, lexile or F&P
  • View and export statistics
  • Download reading passages bank to backup or share with others
  • Upload sound file of student reading for analysis in easy online form
  • Organize reading prompts with questions in a sortable database by category
  • Attach an image to a reading passages
  • Progress monitoring (charts) system

Plus the data analysis apps!

InnovationAssessments.com is a suite of assessment applications for teachers and tutors.

Innovation Assessments, Queensbury, New York

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