Intro to Information Technology

Think you may want to explore a possible career in IT? Students who takethis course will have a taste of a number of different areas. This course was first developed in 2017-2018 as a half-year elective high school course for students in grades ten through twelve.


Mr. David Jones

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Opens 1 Sep '23

Self-paced lessons

Option: teacher evaluates student work for additional fee.

Mr. Jones

David Jones, now retired, was a public school teacher in New York State 1991-2023. He holds permanent teaching certifications for French 7-12, Social Studies 7-12, and Elementary (N-6). He taught French for thirteen years, then switched to teaching social studies in 2004. His teaching experience also includes other related subjects and computer courses elementary through college level. Since the early 1990s David has had an interest in computers and computer programming. He is a certified computer network technician (CompTIA Network+ Certified) and has taught high school and community college level computer courses.

Course Content

› I. Computers and the Internet
› II. Data Management & Analysis
› III. Introduction to Programming: C++
› IV. Intro to Web Development (Just a touch of HTML, CSS, PHP)
› V. Web Site Security
› Final Project

How it Works

On making payment, you will be sent a link to register for the course and read the necessary documents for participation. Access is for a 5 month period for this course. Links appear inside the course if you wish to hire Mr. Jones to score and grade student work samples. Simple assessments like multiple-choice are all auto-scored.

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