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Innovative assessment featuring AI-assisted grading.

Free Features
There are a a lot of free features here, devised by teachers to run their classrooms smoothly: merit badges management system, tools to organize test question banks for multiple-choice and short response, progress monitoring charts, reading running record charts, textbook inventory, citation generator, website evaluation tool, grade curving tool. If you like these, you should try the paid features: AI-assisted scoring, complete learning management system, objective testing, statistical analysis of scores, moderated online class discussion, high quality rubrics attach easily to writing assessment, detailed reports of student progress.

The subscription fee is for creating elements to add to a course. Elements are things like multiple-choice tasks, video-embedded tasks, proctored writing tasks, discussion forums, and short answer tasks. There is no charge for maintaining and organizing test question banks here nor for continued access to elements already in your course playlist. If you purchased an element separately, for example, you retain access to it for your classes even after your subscription expires.

Class Merit Badges


Free Web Source Citation and Evaluation Tool


Free Grade Curving Tool


Organize Question Banks


InnovationAssessments.com is a suite of assessment applications for teachers and tutors.

Innovation Assessments, Queensbury, New York

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