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Stimulus-based Multiple-choice "Overview of ancient Greece World History Khan Academy"

Answer the questions based on the stimulus provided. Questions may or may not be in order as presented in the stimulus and there may be more than one answer for each question. If your teacher has turned on the saving feature, you can save your work and return here later. Just checking a box does not save your answer. Click the save button for each answer. Once all your answers have been saved, you can submit for score. The maximum score you can earn on this test is 100 . In the case of questions requiring more than one answer, you get partial credit for the correct responses as a percentage of the value of the whole question so long as you do not select an incorrect option.

[You have 120 minutes.]

Question 1: What did the Greeks call Greece?



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Question 2: Why is the period 1100 to 800 BCE called the Dark Ages?



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Question 3: Select all that are TRUE of the Trojan War.



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Question 4: What was the purpose of the Oracle at Delphi?



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Question 5: Select all that are important elements of the Archaic Period.



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Question 6: During what period do we find Pericles, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle?



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Question 7: Select the most significant city-states from ancient Greece.



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Question 8: Which is famous for being a military culture?



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Question 9: When were the Greeks first actually united?



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Question 10: Hellenism is



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Question 11: Select all that are TRUE of the hoplite.



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Question 12: What`s special about Corinth?



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Question 13: Select words the narrator notes that we get from Greeks.



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Question 14: Most influential Greek culture developed in the



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