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Cite a Web Source

This is a basic citation generator for citing websites. It is not a complete citation generator. Consult APA or MLA manual for other types of sources. Leave blank any information you lack.


Generate Citation

Evaluate a Web Source

This is a scorecard for evaluating the reliability of your chosen source.

  • CREDIBLE — Can you trust this source?
    • What is your “gut feeling” about the believability of the source?
    • Is the creator’s name listed?
    • Is the creator’s background, education, training, and/or experience listed?
    • Is the organization that published the source identified?
    • Who pays to support the source?
    • Who can edit the site?
  • ACCURACY — Is the source providing true information to the best of your knowledge?
    • Facts:
    • Does the age of the source matter?
    • What is the source purpose?

Evaluate Source

Show Scorecard

  • Credibility
    • "Gut" Feeling: / 3
    • Creator's Name: / 3
    • Creator’s background, education, training, and/or experience: / 3
    • Organization that published the source: / 5
    • Who pays to support the source: / 2
    • Who can edit the site: /3
    • Authority: / 3
  • Accuracy
    • Factually Correct: / 1
    • Source Age: / 3
    • Purpose: / 2
  • Quality
    • Spelling, Grammar, Language: / 3
    • Advertisements: / 3
    • Design: / 3

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