Middle School Mathematics

Mathematics requires a step-by-step mastery of foundations that lead to success in later, more complex operations. This course brings the student in small increments to master the blocks that build to competence.

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Mr. Cutting

Jeffrey Cutting has been teaching middle school mathematics since 1992. He holds permanent certifications in NYS for both Elementary Education and Middle School Mathematics. Additionally, Jeffrey has a Masters Degree as a Reading Specialist. Throughout his 30 years of teaching experience he has found great success through a differentiated approach to meeting individual needs and a commitment to task analysis. His video lessons exemplify his approach to breaking down concepts into sub skills that can be mastered as the student progresses through the hierarchy of the math curriculum.

Course Content

Fifteen units of video lessons: integers (7 videos), fractions (20), ratios and proportions (24), percents (9), exponents (10), scientific notation (6), transformations (8), solving equasions (16), inequalities (3), the coordinate plane (7), perimeter, area, volume (12), probability (11), linear equations (16), linear functions (14), systems of equations (9), polynomials (8), factoring (4), quadratic functions (15), exponential functions (4), statistics (10).

Preview Samples

1.1 Integers on a Number Line, [preview]

1.3 Compare and Order Integers, [preview]

1.4 Adding Integers [preview]

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